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What is a Treasured Tribe?
This revolutionary book will show you how to adopt different strategies with your networking efforts that will get you better results than ever before. 
Anyone can network. 
Anyone can meet people and collect business cards. 
Not everyone has learned how to network in a way that will help them create and build strategic relationships that will provide them with a regular supply of new and repeat business. Treasured Tribes is more than just another networking book. It should become your new profitable networking how-to guide. 
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"This book artfully hits on every point you need to build a powerful tribe network, no matter your personality type or confidence level. You will learn how draw upon your dreams—your WHY-- to demystify the world of networking and the success it can bring.”
"Networking is more than just handing out business cards. It's about building relationships...building your tribe! Christie shares practical tips and strategies to building lifelong clients and friends in her book, "Treasured Tribes." If you're looking to grow your business then this book is a must-read!"
"Christie deep dives into the importance of different types of networking, from the typical meet and greet to the Mastermind level event, to building a "Treasured Tribe". She then provides an action plan to help the reader get more out of their experience. This really is a fully comprehensive book about Intentional Networking, allowing you to create and even exceed your engagement and business expectations.”
"Treasured Tribes"
The Smart Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building a 5-Star Network of Prospects, Clients and Brand Advocates.
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By reading this book, you will learn how to transform your average business into a thriving and prosperous business by building a community of loyal and engaged prospects, clients and brand advocates. 

People who will invest in your success and help you prosper through collaboration, mentorship, accountability, support, wisdom and referral generation. And, as an added bonus, many of those same people will become your treasured friends to be cherished forever.  
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You will also get a whole bunch of free files and resources that will help you create and track your referral generation progress.
If I could go back in time, here’s one thing I would tell myself…
"Do not try to build your business alone Christie. Make it a priority to unite with other like-minded people to accomplish greater things, faster and with less effort."

I challenge you to do the same thing!
meet the master behind the book
Christie Ruffino
My name is Christie, and I JUST LOVE to help women do awesome stuff! I am the President of the Dynamic Professional Women's Network, Inc., Founder of the Overcoming Mediocrity series of books and a proud Mom and Grandma of two adorable munchkins. 

Let's do some awesome stuff together ;-)
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I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then sticks you into some crazy program (without your permission) that charges your card every month.
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There's NO "hidden continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...
Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. Its my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber or member of my "DPWN Tribe".

2. Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run a real business on and offine helping women get plugged in the Dynamic Professional Women's Network and become Amazon Bestselling Authors in the Overcoming Mediocrity series of books)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

3. I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.
Here's why...

We've only printed a limited number (500 copies) of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!  

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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This Is Truly A Limited Offer,
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

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There's not catch... no gimmicks... no hidden fees... You will NOT be automatically added to a secret monthly subscription program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back.

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